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Learning About The Bohr Model

Niels Henrik David Bohr

Niels Bohr was born October 7th, 1885 in Copenhagen, Denmark. In his home, Bohr died from a stroke on November 18, 1962. Bohr married Margrette Norlund in 1912 and had six children.  Two of their children died at birth; however, the other four children grew up to become very successful individuals.

Other Theories:

  • 1913-  published 3 papers on atomism
  • 1920-  made descriptions of periodic table
  • 1936-  described nucleus as compound structures
  • 1939-  Uranium isotope fission

Interesting Facts

  • Played Soccer
  • 1922-  Awarded Nobel Prize in Physics
  • 1938-  Bohr worked with Albert Einstein and carried out atomic research; was elected president of the Danish Academy of Science and was an advisor to the Manhattan Project, which produced the first atomic bomb.
  • 1957-  Received Atoms for Peace Award


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