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Learning About The Bohr Model

Energy Levels

What About Energy Levels?!

Bohr said that the only way an electron can lose energy is by dropping from one energy level to a lower one.  When this happens, the atom emits visible light, in response to the difference in energy levels.  As long as electrons stay in their orbits, electrons don't have to lose any energy.  And, if an electron is in the lowest energy level already, it can't lose any energy.
If an electron is in a higher level, and wants to drop to a lower level, it can.  But not if that lower level is filled with another electron.
Bohr made rules stating how many electrons can be in any level at the same time...but we do not know of these rules yet!
The major shortcoming of the Bohr Model of the atom, however, was that it could not predict energy levels for more than one electron.


This picture shows the energy levels for electrons.  1 is equal to having the lowest amount of energy, which is closest to the nucleus.  4 is equal to the farthest distance from the nucleus, having the most energy.

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