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Learning About The Bohr Model

The Ground State

What are we talking about?

You wanna know what we're talking about?  Well, if you happened to remember anything about energy levels and electrons in that last bit we just shared with ya, then you'll definitely know what we're talking about right here!

On that last page, we discussed with you that when an electron is in the lowest level, it doesn't lose any energy.  This means that it is energetically stable, and is in its ground state.
Bohr stated that since electrons behave this way, the laws of physics that are written about the actions of free charged particles don't apply to electrons in atoms.
Now, we just got done telling you that when an electron is in the lowest level of an atom, they occupy the lowest energy levels that are available to them.  BUT!  Guess what!!  Atoms have the power to take in energy from another source.
Ex: Absorbing heat from a flame, electricity

WHEN this happens, the energy that the atom obtained can cause one or more of the electrons inside the atom to move to higher levels of energy.
What happens when those little electrons move to higher energy levels?!

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